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What these bastards doEdit

The Terror Squad acts as SWAT for the nazis, of course, it's a fictional era of nazi soldiers. The terror Squad are terrifying soldiers that arrive in Half Tracks anywhere from Alarm 4-5. They are easily identified for their gasmasks, tallness, trenchcoats, and shielded arm pad. Also they always weild a Terror Weapon, most commonly the Terror MP.

Terror Squad Soldier

Very rare glimpse of a Terror Squad soldier

Rate- Shite! im in trouble!Edit

Power- 5/5- They use terror weapons on their foes and come reinforced with heavy troopers

Armor- 5/5- It takes several shots with weapons to kill one, a sniper through the face usually knocks off his helmet first. (If you thought getting that picture was hard, imagine trying to get a helmetless one)

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