The Average Sturmwagen

"The car of choice for Nazi in France. Seats four jackbooots comfortably, or one Saboteur trying to look inconspicious" -Car Title

Enemy UsageEdit

The Sturmwaggen (Kubelwagen) is a basic troop carrier used anywhere in game. A good comparison of the Sturmwagen and modern-day, would be a police car, these also have sirens. Anywhere from Alarm 1-5 these will show up, however; by Alarm 3 they start to get replaced by different vehicles. When there is a suspicion zone, one or two of these will arrive to the scene carrying anywhere from 2-4 soldiers to investigate. The Sturmwagen is one of the most common enemy vehicles seen in the game, it is parked in several areas, scouting, investigating, and reacts to alarms and acts as a transport.


This is one of the most common nazi vehicles to see, so unless your always looking at the ground or on the roofs, you should have no reason to look up the location. But if you do need to know where; you can find them at some Checkpoints, and especially the gate heading into Saarbrucken.

Rate- Nutin' to worry about!Edit

Speed- 3/5- The speed is very reasonable for a get away, for an enemy, it could help them kill you, however; the driver can usually be insta-killed by a pistol.

Weapons- 0/5- No weapons, a car chase between two fo these tend to get incredibly complex in this case.

Seats- 4/5- it has a fair amount of seats, however it does not offer well protection, you could shoot the roof and still kill the passengers easily.

Detail- 5/5- It's actually a nice looking vehicle, and I would always prefer these for scouts than a bauer truck.

Protection- 1/5- If you have the chassis upgrades you may last longer, but this can easily be destroyed by an MP-40 no sweat.